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Propel your community forward by giving a voice to everyone. Learn from other organizers what it takes to start and grow On the Table in your city.

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Get an overview of the six planning steps to starting On the Table in your community, along with some commonly needed materials. Then join the community to discuss these steps with others and learn how they've tacked them. See the toolkit »


Across the country, in big cities and small towns, On the Table conversations have brought together local residents to discuss their collective hopes for their community and drive positive change. Learn more about how this movement is providing a forum for civil dialogue and civic action. More stories »


Find an upcoming On the Table conversation near you, as well as upcoming National Learning Network webinars and events. All events »


On the Table has engaged an estimated 300,000 residents in more than 30 communities across North America, strengthening their connections to each other and bolstering the vitality of their regions. Explore communities »

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